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All men want money.

Where were you three years ago?

He dedicated himself to research.

Everyone should've listened.

It became clear that she had told a lie.

This is not a good sign.

She hung up without saying good-bye.

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Getting your message across is much more important than trying to say it exactly like a native speaker would say it.

Boyd is still pretending he's not interested.

Which country do you come from?

She'll lend you a book.

Would to God that it were true!

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Oh, if I could see Duke's face once more in my life.

Stop saying bullshit!

Do extraterrestrials exist in the universe? I think so.


Wool dyes nicely.

We squelched across the muddy field.

Chuck went back to bed.

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There's nothing more you can do.


What a pathetic story!


Existence precedes essence.

Having finished eating this one thing, he didn't eat any of the others.

She fired Donovan.

He likes French more than German.

Sanand entered the room, carrying two pizzas.


I smoked one.

The librarian looked quite sick.

Vickie clearly had something to say, but he didn't say anything.

Will you sit down and relax?

You can not drink the seawater, for it is too salty.

Do you mind if I leave?

Australia has very strict rules on immigration.

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I'm not sure I want you to see this.


This hotel has a gym and a swimming pool.

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What state is Boston in?

Do you not also think so?

That's a misunderstanding, for sure. You're giving me too much credit.

This is my problem and I'll deal with it.

Janice unplugged the lamp.

How many people are you planning on inviting?

How did Olivier get here?

I am not your daughter.

We love this working class.

Esperanto sentence structure (i.e., word order) is extremely flexible and diverse.

His advice didn't help at all.

Let's talk about your job.

What can we possibly give him?


Tips are not accepted.

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I don't think that those damn batteries are in this damn drawer.


This morning he said that he would be leaving for Nara tomorrow.

They can sense the approach of cold weather.

Tell her that I am coming.

The demotion of Pluto from the status of a planet was a very hotly debated issue within the astronomical community.

Do you speak Bulgarian?

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We'll have to celebrate the winter solstice.

She was only too glad to help us.

I think we can catch Jeremy.


We need to vacate the house by the end of the month at the latest.


The law is harsh, but it is the law.

The workers were proud of their work.

Merril is lighting a cigarette.

Carsten is extremely creative.

Hunter must be somewhere near retirement age.


Do not sign a delivery receipt unless it accurately lists the goods received.


Don't eat!

Roxie has gone to the barber shop to get his hair cut.

Why do you think Jelske was crying?

Can you think of any reason why Kit and Mysore shouldn't get married?

It's better to drink in moderation.


Dude, you should see this.

Oliver pretended that he was a doctor.

The U.S. is a service economy.

Cliff is still on the phone with Glenn.

You need to come at once.

What do you want that old thing for?

I remembered it.


Victor thought she had heard wrong.

Could you tell me what this is used for?

A student's penmanship used to be graded, but the digital age has done away with that.


Sit down or seat yourself.

I've got to get some milk.

The lecture on the budget was very interesting.

Dwayne has agreed to give a speech.

I have no idea why I was chosen.

That is a strange question.

Lorenzo is a close friend of Marty's.

The tree grew very tall.

That was an incredible feeling.

Please ask her not to shout.

Sharan doesn't act like a leader.


The bellows are not working.

My mother can't read without glasses.

That's my opinion.

Mark doesn't want to go there alone.

I'd like that beer, please.

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My pants are magenta.

The inscription carved into the rock is from the sixth century B.C.E.

I am in the same class as my brother.

I didn't want to say anything in Sonja's presence.

Jill is lying to us.

He didn't tell anybody about it.

Many a young girl likes the singer.

Children delight in comic books.

You should keep this machine clean and lubed.

I appreciate your feelings.

Finish your homework by the time your father comes home.

We have to move fast.

I'm not very athletic.

Barrett never mentioned it to me.

We didn't ask.

You shouldn't indulge that child. It will make him very selfish.

Sehyo didn't have time to eat lunch.


It needed to be said.

I can't believe Russell just ignored you.

Sherman was the one who taught me how to water ski.


This plan is currently under consideration.

What's the title of the movie?

I don't mind at all.

I should get back to writing my report.

Give me a red pencil.

Mr. Smith thinks that he's a big shot.

There were few passengers who were safe.


Is it easy to install?

He inspired feelings of strength and security.

Most of the islands in this area are inhabited.


"How old is she?" "She is twelve years old."

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Brandy walks quickly.

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I'd never seen you like that before.

I'm going to talk to Gideon when he arrives at home.

I want to know where it came from.


I got tied up at work.

He had hoped for success, but in fact, he did not succeed.

Two days ago I quit my job.

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I think it is necessary for you to go there.

She is going on 35.

Steve beat me.

I know that I calculated the bill correctly.

He swept his brush across the canvas.

Irfan was fined three hundred dollars.

Can you find Iraq on a map?

The hospital opened last month.

I've done exactly what I promised to do.

I cannot place confidence in his words.

I'm sorry I ruined your party.


On hearing this, he turned pale.


Keith couldn't find work.

Is it really that necessary?

Skef may be back sometime tomorrow.

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Haven't you returned those books yet?

They earn their living by collecting and selling old newspapers.

Thousands of spectators got very excited.


I don't know anything about riding horses.

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No one will tell you.


You're much less likely to get a good position if you don't speak English.

He is an author.

I think that's impossible in Randolph's case.


He fell out with his wife.

Carole was eager to speak to Hank.

We have a cold autumn this year.

Japan's balance of payments has been running a huge surplus for many years.

I want to learn how to speak French.